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akaBot Platform

* A product of AkaMinds

akaBot Platform is a platform providing comprehensive solutions for automation and digitization to help businesses improve their productivity and save costs.

akaBot Components



Programing and designing automation processes with Studio’s intuitive and user-friendly interface.

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Operating Platform components by managing, monitoring, connecting and coordinating.

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Implementing automation processes programmed and designed from Studio.

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akaBot Benefits

Cost and Profit Optimization

Optimize the operation cost. Automate your processes such as on-boarding, IT, BO, etc. with the average of automation is over 73%.


Mitigate risks and information leakage by applying automation, isolation data from your employees.

Knowledge Retention

Retain know-how and knowledge in you company, improving your business process.

Outage Prevention

Provide continuously and independently services, available 24/7. Employees can focus on more creative and innovative task.

Full Value of Integration

Integrate the new system with existing legacy system quickly, easily and in a cost-saving way.

Empower Employees & Improve Services

Empower your employees; increase the productivity and efficient. Most of automated processes are executed more than 10 times faster.

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