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FPT joins AWS Summit Singapore 2019 as Premier Partner

Officially launched in Vietnam in December 2018 and the Japanese market in February, akaBot- the FPT DPS’s product which provides comprehensive automation solutions for businesses, continued to impress at Da Nang Fintech Day 2019. Mr. Bui Dinh Giap, the product owner of the product akaBot, attended Fintech 2019 in Da Nang as one of the main speakers. By providing customers from the financial industry – an overview of the comprehensive automation solution of RPA as well as the outstanding benefits of RPA to transform specific business processes which are handled manually. The demo showing how RPA changed the remittance process attracted much attention from the attendees when it showed the outstanding performance of the RPA: saving up to 50% in cost, reducing 70% of the time process and turnaround processes, bringing liberation to businesses and employees.

Mr. Bui Dinh Giap affirmed: “RPA is a convincing solution for the problem of reducing costs as well as operating time while still ensuring the quality for banks and financial institutions in Vietnam.” “Moving Money For the Better”, akaBot and RPA not only bring economic benefits, but also promise to improve the customer experience and free employees from boredom.

Along with akaChain and other products, c akaBot is one of the pioneering outstanding products of FPT Software, being developed and brought to customers by FPT DPS. By applying RPA technology (process automation by robots), akaBot is a solution for automating comprehensive business processes. Processes which should apply RPA are often repetitive, high-volume, often error-prone and costly. With three features akaBot Studio, akaBot Agent and akaBot Center, the akaBot Platform is a “one-stop” service that supports customers from defining and developing routes but also supporting playback CoE (center of excellence) and employee training.

According to: Potato Tech Mag

The wave of RPA which became enormous in Kanto is spreading nationwide, RPA BANK, with the mission to spread and promote RPA, holds “RPA DIGITAL WORLD 2019 in Nagoya” for the first time.
With akaBot Center, your business can automate more efficiently with features like scheduling, logging and queuing.
The zone introducing akaBot – a comprehensive RPA solution for Japanese businesses, received a lot of interest and visits at RPA Digital World Tokyo 2019.
As the first Premier Partner of Amazon Managed Services (AWS) in Southeast Asia, FPT joins AWS Summit 2019 today in Singapore to showcase digital services and cloud technology solutions.
akaBot- the FPT DPS's product which provides comprehensive automation solutions for businesses, continued to impress at Da Nang Fintech Day 2019.
FPT DPS helps customers quickly apply RPA (automation of the entire process) to solve problems of increasing productivity, reducing costs, and improving service quality.