akaBot will be one of the two main products shown in the upcoming akaFintech

The global Fintech ecosystem has been growing and maturing at a faster pace in recent years. Fintech’s influence is getting stronger. akaFintech – a seminar organized by FPT Software – will bring technological solutions with high practical applicability, helping to improve service and interaction quality, customer experience, and create competitive advantages for enterprises. businesses in the financial sector.

Coming to the seminar, the guests will have the opportunity to:
– Hear from experts from multinational financial groups on new technologies and solutions in the field of banking and digital finance.
– Meet and talk with more than 40 senior leaders from leading enterprises in Vietnam in the fields of finance, banking, insurance
– Experience FPT Software’s new Fintech platforms and solutions.

As one of the two main products shown at akaFintech, akaBot’s representatives will open a brand-new view on the complicated question, which is how RPA would solve problems of improving productivity and processes in enterprises. In this 10th September event, we also show demos and case-study in which akaBot is used and proved to be the comprehensive answer for financial organizations. The other product is blockchain based platform- akaChain. 

Time: 13:30 – 17:00 Tuesday 10.09.2019
Location: Toong Coworking Space, 9th floor, No. 5 Dien Bien Phu, Hanoi
For more information, please visit: 



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