FPT software has the first distribution agency of overseas products

In the afternoon of August 1, FSOFT signed a contract of cooperation with ThinkPower (TPI)- an Integrating Solution Provider and Consulting Company on the distribution of 2 AkaBot products, Akachain in Taiwan market. This is the first time FSOFT has packaged products sold in the distribution channel.

“This is the time RPA come to Taiwan market. Around the world, RPA is making big changes in all areas including banking, insurance, retails, transportation, manufacturing … With such a wild range, it is the high time for RPA of FSOFT reach Taiwan market and work with new customers.” said Mr. Do Van Khac (DPS Chairman).

ThinkPower is a reputable SI company in Taiwan in the financial sector. Currently, Taiwan has 39 banks and more than 30 insurance companies, of which 70% are using ThinkPower services and products. According to the cooperation, ThinkPower will become a distributor of AkaBot and Akachain products in the Taiwan market, initially focuses on the financial sector and then expands to other areas such as manufacturing, retails…

ThinkPower CEO, Mr. Ben Yao said he would apply FSOFT’s RPA to automate the processes in the finance major to solve human problems with paper handling and other office processes… Besides, he also appreciated the technological capacity of FSOFT. In addition to Akachain and AkaBot, ThinkPower is also exploring and evaluating other Aka products such as Akadoc, Akasign, Codelearn and expects to establish a strategic partnership soon.

Within 3 days, in F-Ville Software Village, a group of ThinkPower’s engineers, marketing staff, and project management staff came to Vietnam to research about AkaBot, compared it with other RPA platform and considered combining AkaBot with their available solution. Previously in Taiwan, Akachain organized a training seminar for ThinkPower’s engineering team, and currently are conducting the first project on the Akachain platform for Taiwan’s largest private finance company. After this memorandum of understanding, the two sides will discuss strategies of market penetration and customer recognition in Taiwan.

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